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  1. yolo123

    Fix resurrection please

    and if you wanna play in a party with a person with a different clan? btw the pet is not clannable, so 😄
  2. yolo123

    Fix resurrection please

    just remove clan res restriction 😅tbh it's make no sense that i can't res a party member if he's not in the same clan
  3. yolo123

    Fix resurrection please

    that's make no sense, but ok, what about pet resurrection? you put it on the shop even with donation coins, so if the pet die it will disappears from inventory cause there is no way to res it, so it is a money waste, you should work to fix that, i already reported it on launch but noone took it seriously
  4. yolo123

    Fix resurrection please

    i already reported to admin pharao but nothing changed: the resurrection of the pets and my resurrection of ee on my party member doesnt works
  5. yolo123


    is so dificult to put a valid antibot system and solve an easy res issue? i don't think so
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