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  1. rpAKA


    Hello , what's the problem ?
  2. rpAKA


    If they are bots as you are saying , then you can easily kill them . P.S we don't ban/jail anyone for "botting"
  3. rpAKA


    Please English
  4. rpAKA


    приветствую!Нужно выбрать нужное слово в капче,там слово ,которое ты узнаешь с игры 100% ,и оно по разному написано,выбирай интилектуально и подтверждай
  5. rpAKA

    Pt zone off

    Lets say that this is true : 1) PT zone is for 1 hour , so the bot can "bot" only for 1 hour 2) we have a captcha which makes botting harder 3) for sure solo or mini pts will still farm in mos so they take the "good" spots which means they will pk some bots but in conclusion all servers have bots and in a server like ours ( PvP server ) where items are not that hard , i think it is fine
  6. rpAKA

    Fix resurrection please

    it is so everyone plays in his clan 🙂
  7. rpAKA

    Fix resurrection please

    Didn't get such a report, will check it ASAP !
  8. rpAKA

    Fix resurrection please

    you must be in same clan
  9. rpAKA

    Pt zone off

    mos is for solo players RBs are for CPs/Clans
  10. rpAKA

    Fix resurrection please

    Please be more specific
  11. rpAKA

    Adena rates

    Tomorrow we will launch the pt zone
  12. rpAKA

    Please for jesus christ

    Just stop botting 🙂
  13. Hello our lovely community ! Since we got plenty of feedbacks about adding a Party Zone and always do our best to keep our community happy , that's what we will do ! In the next update ( Tomorrow 21/7 ) our server will have a Party Zone "event" ,5 times per day and each time it will be for 1 hour !
  14. rpAKA

    server down?

    We had a fast restart
  15. rpAKA


    Hello , please write your questions in English .
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