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  1. We are thinking to put Dynasty armors with better stats than retail armors.
  2. rpAKA

    Donate Not work

    Hello, we dont accept bitcoin ,but please send us a message to our fb page to solve your problem faster
  3. rpAKA

    Serwer balance

    Hello, we will see
  4. rpAKA

    Premiação evento.

    Sorry about that, we will give you the reward today
  5. rpAKA

    Sell Store Limit

    You're welcome
  6. rpAKA

    Sell Store Limit

    2billion adena , retail
  7. rpAKA

    Skill Enchantment

    Special Trader NPC and RBs
  8. rpAKA

    Cant access acount

    Hello , please send us a message on our fb page : https://www.facebook.com/l2doompvp , to solve it faster
  9. rpAKA

    Help Cant Use Name Color Change

    Hello , alt + b > colors 🙂
  10. rpAKA


    They are with adena , you don't need any custom items to buy them
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