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  1. DraxAkaEdi

    Pt zone off

    I mean that if all clans will move to pt zone then in Mos will be full of bots.
  2. DraxAkaEdi

    Pt zone off

    You should leave pt zone. Right now pvp is in Mos all time and ppl need to farm a bit and ppl who use adrenaline are fuck up :) bcs ppl fight on all spots. If you will ad pt zone ther will be alot of bots. You should leave it like it is now
  3. DraxAkaEdi

    server down?

    Server is down ? or its only for me :P ?
  4. DraxAkaEdi

    LF Cp/Clan

    Bump still wait for some apply . Write at forum only
  5. DraxAkaEdi

    LF Cp/Clan

    LF Cp or Clan at this server .
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